*melissa;* . · . · εїз (kittymaggot) wrote in juggalo_ninjaz,
*melissa;* . · . · εїз

More pictures that I took yesterday.
Oh, and check out my new default icon &&& layout. :P

Aw, I smile.
[because I'm stoned]

Just showin' some love.. I love my Juggalo family. <3

Muh 'ice'. :P
[yeah, same picture, just more of my face and missing earrings that I lost in the pit.]

Biiiiiiiiiiiitch, what the fuck? haha.

I love my nosering.

Flashin' my shit again.. This time making a face.

OH SHIT, my shirt. :P

Last two, I know you're happy. :P

My hair is growing back. :)
And I love the colour.

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