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Bitch We Psycopathic

I didn't know if I was supposed to put my app. under a cut or not, but I did.

Name:: Kerry
Age:: 18
Status::taken for now
Location:: New Hampshite
5 bands you like:: (outside of psychopathic)
1. Mindless Self Indulgence
2. Kottonmouth Kings
3. Tech N9ne
4. Sublime
5. Aerosmith

Song from psychopathic:: Hall of Illusions
Song from someone out of psychopathic::
Food:: Mac and Cheese
Drink:: Gatorade
Faygo Flavor:: Moon Mist
Person in psychopathic:: Shaggy 2 Dope
Color:: Red
Shape:: A Circle

.::.Veiws on.::.
Abortion:: I am Pro-Choice. It is totally up to the person that is having the baby and the person she is with. Some people can't handle it, and shouldn't be having kids. Now if you have gotten one and then got pregant again, I just think that is wrong and the person should know better. I also think it is wrong to judge a person on doing something like this, whether its their first time on third.

Drugs:: Having family members that are into drugs, again it is their choice. I have to admit I'm not happy with the things that are happening to them. But still, there isn't much a person can do.

Labels:: Labels are pointless, it doesn't create friends. It is actually sad the way people label others.

War:: War, this is a hard one to talk about, I mean if it really NEEDS to be done, then I guess. But I don't know.

Government:: I'm not a big government person, i know that there is something definately wrong with the one we have, unless ur not from the U.S. then,

Self mutilation:: I think it is perfectly fine. It depends on how far it goes I guess. I know alot of people that cut themselves. or used to. but it is such a serious thing.

.::.Do you.::.
Drink:: not often
Smoke:: yes
Drugs:: have
Enjoy pain? yes
Enjoy causing pain? no, not at all. I really do hate hurting others

You could kill someone who would it be and how?:: Um. I think it would be my younger brother, he treats me so horribly. I mean, seriously wicked bad. I guess there is no way to explain it. well i think that would choke him, I tryed to one time :( because I snaped. you know when you just cant take anymore.

You had a million dollars what would you do with it?:: I would by a carton to Newports. and then give back to my family for always being there.

Do you think your sexy?:: I guess I might be. sometimes I think I'm pretty, but then there are days I dont even wanna look at myself.
Describe your look, or post pictures::

This is me a few months ago. the color faded fast, so I went back to brown, and now I'm waiting for it grow a bit more so I can do something new with it..

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